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Bécquer in Toledo, places that inspired him

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Becquer Toledo

Toledo, the ancient city of Spain with a rich history and romantic atmosphere, is the scene of a legend involving the famous 19th century poet and writer, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer.

Bécquer traveled to Toledo frequently from Madrid, he was inspired by the beauty of its cobbled streets and its captivating history.

It is said that on lonely nights, Bécquer immersed himself in the stillness of Toledo and wrote his poems while he wandered through the streets of the city. He gave himself up to melancholy and loneliness, finding inspiration in the mysteries and legends that surrounded the city.

The legend "Of the Three Dates" occurred in the Plaza de Santo Domingo, it tells of the three visits that the poet made to the plaza. In the first he saw in a window the shadow of a beautiful woman with whom he fell in love. On the second visit he wins the hand of the beautiful woman who greets him from the same window. On the third visit to the plaza, when the author was ready to declare his love for the lady, he found that a ceremony was taking place in the Santo Domingo monastery that caught his attention, and upon entering he saw the beautiful lady becoming a nun. It is clear that the poet arrived late.

This Plaza is usually part of the tourist route of the free tours and walking tours that run through the city. We also include it in the Toledo tour of the app, with the difference that if you use it you will be able to see many more places at your own pace, choosing the time that suits you, and we will also show you museums, typical bars and restaurants.

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