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Barcelona in one day, a complete tour

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Casa Batlló, Gaudí, Barcelona

Barcelona has two large areas of interest, on the one hand, the historic and medieval area of the city, the so-called "Gothic Quarter", and on the other, the architectural works of the architect Gaudí, which are essentially the basilica of La Sagrada Familia, the buildings from Paseo de Gracia and Park Güell.

Our recommendation to do the tour in one day would be to dedicate the morning to the "Gothic Quarter", and in the afternoon visit La Sagrada Familia and, if you are interested, other works by Gaudí.

During the morning you can do a walking tour or a free tour to get to know the "Gothic Quarter", but it is better to use the Barcelona App from, which is an optimal solution because it also allows freedom of time, it is easier Cheap, use Google Maps to show you how to get to places and also points out places of interest such as bars, restaurants or museums.

If we follow the route of the App we will start in the Plaza de Catalunya, very close to the Gaudí buildings of the Paseo de Gracia, then a complete tour is carried out, which covers Las Ramblas, the Barcelona Cathedral, the Plaza de San Jaime and the Born district, which has an increasingly cosmopolitan profile, and where we find the impressive basilica of Santa María del Mar, and next to it the spectacular Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCO Museum).

The tour of the old area ends in the area of the old port where we can stop for a drink and rest, or even eat in one of the places in the area that the app recommends.

The afternoon can be dedicated to visiting the Sagrada Familia, and depending on the time you want to dedicate to Gaudí's works, you can also visit Park Güell or the buildings on Paseo de Gracia, which are Casa Milá (also called “La Pedrera”) or Casa Batlló. When visiting the Sagrada Familia it is important to get your tickets in advance.

Although the visit can be done in a single day if it is planned well, it will surely be more enjoyable if you can dedicate a couple of days or a weekend to this wonderful city.

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