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Civitatis vs. GuruWalk: Two Options to Explore the World

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

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The world of tourism has undergone a revolution in recent years with the proliferation of online platforms that allow travelers to discover and book local tours and experiences. Two of the standout options in this space are Civitatis and GuruWalk. In this blog, we will explore the similarities and differences between these two platforms to help you decide which is the best choice for your next adventure.

Of course, these options are different from the tours offered by , which provide more autonomous experiences using apps that you can manage from your mobile phone.


Civitatis is a platform that originated in Spain and has gone global. It is a leader in the tourism sector, offering a wide range of tours and activities in destinations around the world. Here are some key features of Civitatis:

Variety of Activities Civitatis offers diverse tourist tours and experiences in over 2,500 destinations worldwide. This means that, no matter where you go, you are likely to find various activity options on their platform.

Customer Support Civitatis has a customer support team that provides straightforward options for canceling their paid activities, and, unlike GuruWalk, they also have physical stores in major cities.


GuruWalk is another platform that was born as a community and has earned a reputation in the world of local tours and activities. Here are some standout features of GuruWalk:

Focused on Guided Free Tours GuruWalk operates under a "pay what you want" or "tips" model, where guides offer their tours for free, and travelers decide how much to pay at the end of the tour. However, in reality, an amount ranging from 10€ to 15€ per person is typically paid.

2. Personalized Experience Activities are led by guides who significantly influence the quality of the tour based on their knowledge and communication skills. This often provides a more authentic and personalized experience, as the guides are locals who can show you points of interest, as well as bars and restaurants.

Both platforms have reviews and ratings for their activities on their pages, allowing users to read reviews and ratings from others who have participated in the activities, providing valuable information for informed decision-making.

Both platforms also facilitate reservations through their websites and apps. The truth is that both are easy to use and allow for quick and straightforward online bookings, with no significant differences between them.

Comparison Civitatis vs. Guruwalk

Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between Civitatis and GuruWalk will depend on your personal preferences and the circumstances of your trip. Some factors to consider include:

- Type of Experience If you are looking for guided walking tours led by local guides, GuruWalk could be the ideal option. However, if you want a broader variety of activities and destinations, Civitatis may be more suitable.

- Budget GuruWalk generally offers a more budget-friendly option as they operate under a "pay what you want" model. In contrast, Civitatis has fixed prices for their activities.

- Destination The availability of both platforms may vary depending on the destination you choose. Typically, Civitatis will offer a greater number of destinations and different activities in each of them. Make sure to check which platform offers options in your travel destination.

- Personal Experience GuruWalk's freetours model makes it easier to interact directly with the local guides on freetours, which can result in a more personal experience.

In summary, Civitatis and GuruWalk are both excellent options to discover and enjoy local tours and experiences during your travels. Your choice will depend on your personal preferences and the circumstances of your trip. Explore both platforms and choose the one that best suits your travel style!


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