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Discover 'Guernica Syndrome' at the Helga de Alvear Museum of Contemporary Art in Cáceres

Updated: Jan 27

Helga de Alvear Museum City of Caceres Spain
Helga de Alvear Museum - Caceres

Attention art and exciting travel lovers! I bring you the scoop from the Helga de Alvear Museum of Contemporary Art in Cáceres: the striking work 'Guernica Syndrome'! What makes it so special? To begin with, it is made from the remains of the Azor yacht, which once belonged to the dictator Francisco Franco himself. Fernando Sánchez Castillo, the genius behind this creation in 2011, has taken it from one place to another, turning it into a true art star. And now it is part of the incredible avant-garde collection of gallery owner Helga de Alvear!

Where is the Azor yacht? It can't be seen.

But where will this unique piece find its definitive home? Therein lies the mystery! The museum has not yet decided on its permanent location. For now, you will find it at the top of the wall that gives access from the Brown Plaza of Camino Llano. Recently, it caused a sensation in the Plaza de las Veletas during the 'Cáceres Abierto' street art event. Some looked at her with curiosity, while others saw her as abandoned scrap metal.

What is Franco's yacht doing in Cáceres?

Good question! The story of this yacht is worthy of a movie. Auctioned by the State in 1990 destined for scrapping, it was rescued by a bold buyer who spent around 4.6 million pesetas (something like 25,000 euros today) to transform it into a leisure space. The yacht had its festive season in Cogollos, a town in Burgos. And now, gallery owner Helga de Alvear has acquired this unique work of art, although the exact amount remains a mystery. This piece will welcome all visitors to the museum, which currently exhibits around 150 works but hides more than 3,000 treasures in its collection. Imagine the explosion of colors and shapes that is hidden behind those walls! A true paradise for lovers of contemporary art.

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