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Best "tapas" of Madrid

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Tapas Bar

In this article we present four areas of Madrid with some of their bars and taverns, which we have selected for being especially characteristic, where you can have some "tapas". We have chosen these four areas because they coincide with the 4 Madrid tours on, so when you complete or finish one of the tours you can take a break and taste the "tapas" from the bars in the area.

Although it is not entirely clear, it seems that the origin of the word "tapa" is due to the ancient custom of taverns and inns of covering glasses with a small plate on which there was a piece of bread with some food to prevent it from Dirt gets inside. It also seems that King Alfonso X “el Sabio” ordered that wine always be served with small bites of food to lessen the effects of alcohol.

From then on, this tradition has developed, especially in central and southern Spain, of accompanying drinks in bars with some small food.

Our recommendations are based on our experience, and on the fact that we have searched for locals and traditional taverns, many of which have maintained their prestige and quality over the years.

Tapas in historical Madrid

The first area that we will discuss is historical Madrid, there we recommend three places:

- “Casa Revuelta”, in Calle de Latoneros, 3, very close to the Plaza Mayor, famous for its fried cod.

- “Los Huevos de Lucio”, located at Cava Baja 32, famous for its broken egg tapas, based on fried eggs and ham.

- "El Anciano Rey de los Vinos", a place that has been located next to the Royal Palace since 1909, at 19 Bailén street, where the tapas are usually accompanied by a "vermouth", which is a typical drink made from wine and herbs aromatic.

Tapas in Cultural Madrid

The second area corresponds to the Madrid Cultural route, there we recommend the Huertas street area:

- "Casa Alberto", which is a tavern opened in 1827, located at Calle Huertas 18 and famous especially for its "croquettes"

- "Alimentación Quiroga", is an original place opened in 1958, it has a store where you can buy its products that are usually tasted right there accompanied by a wine or a drink, it is on Calle Huertas 19, on the corner.

- "Taberna La Dolores", located in Plaza de Jesús 4, is a place of the so-called "lifelong" to have a few "beers" of beer or a "vermouth" accompanied by some "tapas", it has a façade unmistakable and very characteristic.

Tapas in Malasaña and Chueca

In the third zone, corresponding to Malasaña and Chueca, we find somewhat more modern premises, but characteristic of the neighbourhood.

- “Bodega la Ardosa”, located at Calle de Colón 13, is famous for its potato omelette, although it has quite a variety of other “tapas”

- "Hermanos Vinagre" has several locations in Madrid, but here we are referring to the one on Calle Gravina 17, which is characterized by its pickles.

- "Taberna El Economato", located at Calle Belén 5, serves various "tapas" made with seasonal products.

Tapas close to Retiro Park in Madrid

Finally, the fourth and last area that we recommend is the area of the Retiro neighborhood, next to the park, which is where the Madrid Actual tour of ends, there we find:

- "Martín Bar" at 17 Menendez Pelayo Avenue, in front of the Retiro, where you can have a beer and some tapas in front of the park.

- Also on Avenida Menendez Pelayo, but at number 13, is the "Marisquería Sanchis", where you can taste portions of excellent seafood, octopus or even croquettes.

- "La Castela" at Calle Doctor Castelo 22, is a restaurant and tavern with a large number of tapas and portions, grilled meat, fish and seafood.

Although in the city there are a huge number of bars, venues and taverns in which to enjoy its gastronomy, we hope that with the selection of venues in these four areas, most of the styles and tapas venues to visit and enjoy in Madrid will be covered. .

Now it's your turn to enjoy it!

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