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"Los Espetos de Málaga: Savor the Seafaring Tradition on the Mediterranean Coast"

Espetos - Malaga
Malaga Espetos

Discover the authentic flavor of Malaga through espetos, a culinary experience that captures the essence of the coast! Imagine fresh fish, tradition and the relaxed atmosphere of the beach in every bite.

What are espetos?

Espetos are much more than a typical dish; They are a celebration of local gastronomy. What are they? It is an ancient roasting technique, where sardines (but also other fish and mollusks) are skewered on thin rods and cooked over wood embers, impregnated with the unique aroma of the Malaga coast.

The skill of stringing sardines is a tradition: they are carefully inserted to ensure uniform cooking. And although sardines are the stars, other fish such as horse mackerel, sea bream or squid join this culinary party, delighting diners with unmatched marine flavors.

When to enjoy the best espetos?

The months without "r": May, June, July and August offer larger and tastier sardines, perfect to satisfy the most demanding cravings.

How do you taste these delicacies? Tradition rules: with your hands! A touch of lemon enhances the flavor while savoring each juicy bite of the sardines. But the variety is endless, as these coastal beach bars offer a range of fish and mollusks cooked on a spit that awaken the senses.

Where to find the best espetos in Malaga?

Immerse yourself in the coastal experience and head to the beach bars on the seafront. From Pedregalejo Beach to Playa del Palo, these sandy restaurants are the guardians of this culinary tradition. Are you looking for precise recommendations? In our [Spain Walking Tours] app ( we show you the most emblematic places to enjoy these delicacies on El Palo Beach.

Discover the essence of Malaga in each flavor of these delicious espetos, where the freshness of the sea is combined with the warmth of the beach to create a unique gastronomic experience. Immerse yourself in the flavors of the Malaga coast and let yourself be seduced by the espetos in their maximum splendor!

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