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Mobile apps are the future of freetours.

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

app of walking tours

Mobile applications such as those of will be a complementary and alternative service to the current freetours. This is so because they offer multiple advantages over them.

1.- The applications are cheaper than the current freetours.

Although they are called "free" they really cost between €10 and €15 per person, which is the final payment to the guide, who in turn needs it because it has costs such as promotion on websites. Websites like Guruwalk or Civitatis charge for reservations made on them.

2.- The applications allow freedom of schedule

They can be used at any time, and without having to adapt to the schedule or the rhythm of a group.

3.- Allows you to plan the visit in advance

And also in the best interest of the user, visiting the places of your choice and dedicating the time you need to each of them.

4.- They offer complementary options

Some of those are geolocation or audio guide: a mobile application allows you to use your mobile phone to easily reach the places you are going to visit, and also describe the places using audio.

5.- The application, in addition to the tourist route, can also show places of interest

Places located near the route, such as bars, where to rest, restaurants where you can try typical dishes, or museums that help complete the experience of the tour.

6.- The applications can be offered in several languages

We all know that when we look for a free tour in our language we don't always find it.

In summary, a mobile application has advantages over traditional freetours, because it offers a tourist tour, allowing freedom of schedule, complementary options such as the map of the route or the audio guide, and it can also show you nearby places of interest such as bars, restaurants. museums. All this at a much lower cost than a traditional free tour or walking tour.


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