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The legend of the Pilgrim's shadow, Santiago de Compostela

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

pilgrim, Santiago de Compostela

When night falls in the Plaza de Quintana, next to the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, you can see the shadow of a pilgrim dressed in medieval clothes, waiting for his beloved next to the cathedral's clock tower.

Legend has it that a young priest from the cathedral fell in love with a nun from the monastery of San Paio, which is the giant building on the other side of Plaza e Quintana, next to the cathedral. They met every night by crossing a secret passageway that linked the cathedral and the monastery.

As time passed, the priest proposed to the nun that they run away together, and they stayed one day at dusk. The priest disguised himself as a pilgrim to wait for the nun, but she did not go to the appointment. It is said that for this reason she is still there every night waiting for his beloved to meet him.

The free tours or walking tours that go through the city normally do so during the day, and they do not allow you to see the shadow of the pilgrim, but if you stay one night in the city and pass through the Plaza de Quintana, it is easy to see the shadow under the tower of the clock.

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