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The statue of Maimonides, the wise Jew of Córdoba

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Statue of Maimonides in Córdoba

Maimonides, whose full name was Moses ben Maimon, was a brilliant Jewish philosopher, physician and rabbi born in Córdoba in 1135, he died in Cairo, Egypt, in 1204.

When the Almohads took control of Al-Andalus, Maimonides had to go into exile from Córdoba because of his religion, because the Almohads were an orthodox branch of Islam that did not coexist well with other religions. First his family went into exile in the city of Fez, in the Maghreb, and then to Egypt, where he served as a doctor at the court of Sultan Saladin, and also founded an academy of Jewish studies.

Even having been exiled from Al-Andalus and living in Egypt, Maimonides insisted on describing himself as "Sephardic", that is, Sepharad, which was the name that the Jews gave to the Iberian Peninsula.

In 1964, his statue was placed in the Plaza de Tiberias, in Córdoba. The statue is part of all tourist tours, free tours and guided tours of the city.

The statue is made of bronze, and some wear is noted on the feet, the book, and the beard. This is so, because according to tradition, if the feet are touched the visitor will return to Córdoba, if the book is touched, the visitor will have luck and wisdom, and if the beard is touched, the visitor will maintain sexual vigor.

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