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Discovering A Coruña in a walking tour: A Journey Through Time and the Sea

Torre de Hercules A Coruña

Spain Walking Tours ( invites you to discover one of the most fascinating gems of Galicia: the city of La Coruña. This city achieves a perfect balance between its rich Galician history and the vitality of a modern coastal metropolis. Our adventure begins at the epicenter of this fusion: the majestic Plaza de María Pita, where the past and the present intertwine in a warm and welcoming embrace.

Plaza de María Pita: Where History Comes to Life

The starting point of our walking tour is this iconic square, a tribute to the local heroine María Pita, who bravely defended the city against an English attack in the 16th century. The statue of María Pita in the center of the square commemorates her courage and leads us to explore the old town of La Coruña.

María Pita was a Galician heroine of the 16th century, known for her courageous defense of La Coruña during the English attack of 1589. It's said that after witnessing her husband's death, she attacked and killed an enemy officer with a spear, rallying the local defenders with the cry, "Whoever has honor, follow me!"

In the Old Town, we will discover architectural treasures that transport us back to the Middle Ages and learn anecdotes about some of its famous buildings that have witnessed centuries of history.

La Marina: Where the Sea and the City Embrace

Our tour takes us to the lively port area of La Coruña, known as La Marina. At this point, the city harmoniously merges with the sea. The vibrant colors of the fishing boats and the terraces of the bars lining the harbor create a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

It's important to highlight that from this port, thousands of Galician emigrants set sail between the 19th and 20th centuries, escaping the great famine in their homeland, the lack of employment, the absence of social progress, and intense political pressures. This massive migration made Argentina the primary destination for Galician emigrants.

It's said that Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, hosts the world's largest Galician community, with an estimated 600,000 Galicians who settled there between 1857 and 1960.

Our tour will also point out places of interest where you can savor delicious Galician cuisine and immerse yourself in its rich culture. Additionally, you'll find other nearby monuments of interest, such as the Tower of Hercules, with its fascinating history.

For now, this tour is available on the integrated Spain Walking Tours app, where you can also explore many other tours in various Spanish cities.


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